Slaney River Guided Tour

Slaney River Guided Tour

Let Susan and her team of experienced and qualified kayak Instructors guide you on a scenic kayak tour of the River Slaney, which is not only stunningly beautiful, this tidal area has also been recognised as a Special Area of Conservation for its diverse wildlife.

The tour starts just across the river from Edermine House which was built by Sir John Power of Powers Distillery fame and home of a private chapel believed to have been designed by AWN Pugin.

After a quick intro to the equipment and a brief lesson in how to handle the very stable kayaks we head north along the river towards Enniscorthy following the Wexford railway line which was described by Michael Palin as one of the most beautiful short train journeys in Europe.

Once passed the remains of Browns Castle, which was almost completely destroyed by Cromwell and his men in 1649, we leave the Slaney crossing under the railway line to meander our way up the little Boro river. The Boro is just off to the side of a small woodland, many of whom’s trees have found their way into the river over the years after high winds. Take time to enjoy your surroundings and listen as the song bird’s guide you up the river. 

On a good day sharp eyed visitors can spot the Kingfisher before he takes off, flying low to the water and resting at his next fishing spot.

There is a huge abundance of wildlife from heron, otters, water hen, ducks and a curious grey seal is often spotted fishing on the high tide.

The whole tour is 4km long and runs at a leisurely pace with plenty of rest stops along the way.

We use double kayaks making it very family friendly where younger children, 6+ can be accompanied by an adult. 

Single kayaks are available for adults and children age 12+

Evening tours by appointment.  Email

Booking Essential

Massive thanks to Susan and her team from for a fantastic outing for Ferrycarrig Rowing Club yesterday.

We split into 2 groups and done a 2 hour scenic tour of the Slaney and Boro rivers.

Everyone had a great time and really enjoyed the tour in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.

Ferrycarrig Rowing

I would say that it's worth every second of your time, and if you didn't want to try it then I guess you're one of those people that don't like FUN because you're guaranteed to have a blast.

Kayak Academy Member

The GoPaddle Academy is a real community of paddlers with awesome support from Sue and all the instructors. Always willing to help with skills and done with amazing patience 😊
Actually the paddling community that I have met in the South East are all amazing, warm, friendly, welcoming, encouraging, pretty awesome 😊

Kayak Academy Member

If I were to recommend the kayak academy to a friend I’d just be honest and tell them how brilliant it is. The enthusiasm, dedication, and friendliness of everyone in the academy, and the sport as a whole is something very unique and not seen in many other sporting communities. It truly is an honour to be a part of such a great sporting community.

Kayak Academy Member

It has changed my life and way of looking at life! Kayaking!

Its active, it’s lazy, it’s calm, it’s busy, it’s surfing, it’s swimming, it’s visiting caves, it’s isolation, it’s social, it’s group fun, it’s quiet, it’s loud, it’s laughing until you cry, it is facing your fears, it’s travelling, it’s sightseeing, it’s warm , it’s freezing, it’s a new perspective.